Our Book Club

“Great is the fortune of he who possesses a good bottle, a good book, a good friend.” –Moliere

Purple shorts, pigtails, and library card in hand, I was a happy 8-year-old on the way to the library. Twice a month, I browsed countless rows of books choosing, with great prejudice, which I would take home. I couldn’t wait to drag my bean bag to the back yard and read every book from cover to cover.

At some point since 1999, I became an “adult”: college, full-time job, mortgage payment, CAR INSURANCE! Life happened, and with it came new priorities. There are never enough hours in the day and too much to do. My relationships suffered, friends and family became an afterthought. Soon, I even ran out of time for myself.

I started this book club with the intention to find that lost time, and to start doing more of the things that I love. I wanted to reconnect with my passion for reading and with the people I had been neglecting. To bring women together, to empower one another, and to make ourselves a priority.

Whether it be from a Kindle or a dusty, old paperback, I hope you are able to enjoy every book that we choose with the nostalgic bliss of an 8-year-old girl on the way to the library. AND, of course, with a big glass of wine. After all, you are an adult.

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